Bulgaria Remains under EU Monitoring over Macroeconomic Imbalances

Bulgaria is one of the sixteen countries subject to EU monitoring over macroeconomic imbalances, the EU Commission’s Alert Mechanism Report 2015 shows.

The commission underscores some of Bulgaria’s most urgent issues such as unemployment and problems in the financial sector.

Brussels also points to the fact hat a Bulgarian bank (referring to the Corporate Commercial Bank, or KTB) was placed under special supervision, while “another” (First Investment Bank) received liquidity support from the state.

The Commission believes problems in the financial sector cold carry serious repercussions for macroeconomic stability.

It also sets out “social challenges” such as poverty and social inclusions, cost of labor and indebtedness of the private sector, but also the fact that Bulgaria is sinking in investment rankings.

At the same time Bulgaria falls into the third out of three groups in terms of macroeconomic imbalances (alongside Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands), the EU Commission says. The third group is the one where imbalances are only a small concern.

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