Borissov & Partners specialises in providing litigation services to businesses. We offer advice on matters from aviation law to insurance law; from commercial to antitrust and consumer law. We solve clients’ problems in a way that provides a tangible benefit to those clients through the use of negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and court proceedings. Although the judicial system in Bulgaria has experienced years of turmoil and instability, we have not downgraded our litigation capacity. On the contrary, Borissov & Partners has remained committed to providing the highest calibre litigation counsel.

Our lawyers are determined to provide clients with the following:

  • the best result possible
  • a transparent and fair fee structure
  • quality advice and service
  • fast turnaround and response
  • quality reporting

Clearly in litigation the achievement of an identified goal is paramount (there is simply no such thing as “second place” in court proceedings or an arbitration). We can advise clients of the various options available to achieve desired goals. Our experience, expertise and commercial judgment are crucial factors in giving this advice correctly. Once a course is chosen we will set out to achieve it while, at the same time, keeping the client appraised of other options as they arise.

Our litigation advice is given throughout the whole litigation process until full satisfaction of our clients. The litigation does not stop at the court or arbitral award. We have developed sound debt collection practice that helps our clients to get the most out of the litigation process.