In the last decade the privatisation of the Bulgarian industry has played an important role in the country’s transition to market economy. Borissov & Partners is very active in privatisations and concessions involving foreign and domestic companies. We have assisted clients on both sides, helping interested buyers in formulating bids and advising government companies to prepare for privatization. Our expertise in structuring mergers and acquisitions, through due diligence investigation of commercial, corporate, civil, fiscal, labor, social security, environmental and administrative questions, including critical points and consultation with government authorities, has served our clients in good stead in one of the biggest transactions in Bulgaria. We provide a full range of services, including:

  • counseling on privatisation/concessions for sellers and buyers
  • advising on compliance with regulatory requirements
  • implementation of corporate reorganization and sale
  • performing due diligence
  • preparation of public notices, concession and sale and purchase contracts
  • public hearings and technical meetings
  • rulings, preparation of bills and resolutions
  • legal opinions and comfort letters
  • structuring of bids and acquisitions for purchasers